Welcome to the Énielle Wellcare Ambassador Community. 

Énielle is a new Swiss wellcare brand for innovative skincare products – natural based, scientifically driven and clinically tested and proven. You can learn more about Énielle here.

As a registered Énielle Wellcare Ambassador, you will get to know us better and will have the opportunity to contribute to the development and improvement of our products and marketing. You can try out products for free, gain exclusive insights from behind the scenes, receive skincare tips and benefit from special offers or discounts.

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Our first test campaign.

Applications are now closed.

1,000 testers are currently being selected and will soon receive a full-size sample of our new Énielle serum to try out.

As our product is not yet on the market, Énielle testers have the exclusive opportunity to try out our new serum and provide us with their honest, personal feedback on the product.

The goal of the Énielle test campaign is to obtain the feedback of 1,000 selected testers after one month of using Énielle Serum, to gain real-life insights on the benefits that they have experienced on their skin and to help us build and improve the Énielle brand before the market launch.  

Applications are now closed. All applicants who will not receive a sample can still follow the latest campaign updates and participate in the Énielle discussion through our campaign blog.

If you are also interested in updates on our campaign, please visit our campaign page.

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